Sunday, December 31, 2017

Muse Of The Palpitating Streets

Keep your secrets sweet - Muse of the Palpitating Street - I never forget those times we meet - palpitating muse in the street - Even on opposite sides of the Street - this kind of magnetism is powerful and complete - Serenely walk my way you glorious Muse and shine your rays into my crystal heart - let nature be nature and light the luminous path serene - subtlety emerging - naturally knowing - I know not how to know of the unseen -
In my crepuscular bat-wing chariot
I-ll swoop for you at dusk as day fades
to velvet scattered night -
chasing you across the sky
on the back of an albatross sea-going eagle -
the albatross-back of a muscular bat -
the mojo of a raven - a nightjar -
bumble-bees of the muttering night -
hollow shells whisper and dry leaves rustling -

knowing nothing I seek everything -
tasting everything
I know the ecstasy of no-thing-ness
flowing mind a tide of insubstantial bliss -
everywhere and nowhere all the time -
starfish wave and fishes backs
reflect the stars in the waves -
the moon pulls the water -
the earths surge - earth upon earth -
falling leaves in time - frozen in a puddle -
smoke curls up - starlings will take your mind -
why not let them -

Syd Barrett - Terrapin

Beach Boys - Endless Dub

Bowie In Dub

Swinging London

Πού 'σουνα (Η εβδομάδα)


Light in the sky - looming -
Atmosphere gathers - a breeze wanders -
Dusk folds in and the sky hums with voices -
Spirits ride the breeze -
But lovers walk the earth at night alive -

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