Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elias Gillpington 19, Gortheren Kath Vlewek

The Journal of Elias Gillpington shines a beam of luminosity on to the dark and obscure goings on in the port of New Lynsmouth in West Kirnowe.

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The Journal of Elias Gillpington will be continued in the near future.
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Erik Satie – Ogives

Erik Satie – Vexations (1893) Excerpt 1.

The Caterpillar will soon return in a Dub Version….

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Morgowles of New Lynsmouth

Morgowles, Smugairle-roin, Slefren-for, Medusa, jellied-fish reeling, floating in on the waves of the tides of the salt-splashing sea.  Flotilla-armadas of comb-jellies, By-The-Wind-Sailors and Rhizostoma pulmo – Root-Mouth Lung – the gelatinous barrel of epithelium.  They pulse their way towards us in pullulating wave upon wave – sea-jellies, transparent, rubbery hard-jellies, atavistic 600,000,000 year old jellies.  Jellies bent on havoc.  Into our peaceful harbour at New Lynsmouth they slopped, pulsated and glopped, an alien phylum, pre-dating the Human by unfathomable aeons and vast, dark gulphs of yawning primal time.  Predators now, they had come for what was theirs – the world ! ! ! 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Invertebrate Press presents Morgowles, Smugairle-roin and inexplicable perplexities in old New Lynsmouth.

Morgowles,  Smugairle-roin, Slefren for,  most eldritch and unrelishable creatures that they are – the Medusa or Jellyfish.
New Lynsmouth towne was little expecting a pulsing, slithering, pullulating, gelatinous flotilla of Cnidaria to come wobbling and a-quiverin’ up the slipway and into the shops and houses of the wharf-side district, but that’s what happened.  Stark slick glossy resilient epithelium envelopes of entropy and elegance – the jellies that swarmed in from the sea.  Atavistic remote sinister beautiful rippling umbrellas of glasrudh blubber transparency – comb-jellies and primitive sea-squirts and cucumbers, drifting this way on the tide.  

Kingdom:  Animalia;  Phylum:  Cnidaria;  Class:  Scyphozoa;  Order:   Rhizostomatidae;  Genus:  Rhizostoma;  Species:   Rhizostoma pulmo.   (Macri,  1778)    

The slithering forms of the smuggled ruins of the morgue-owls.    

Friday, May 16, 2014

Moose Mountain Muse - The Caterpillar 62

Chasing The Extraordinary Crossbill from sea to sea - seeing optical illusions of a long-tailed pigeon - Gwydhenn Idhyowek – trees clad in ivy – valley-swamp bluebells chiff-chaffs and three little glasses of cider from the Farmhouse - - - 


‘The Seasons’ – Tchaikovsky  - Victor Merzhanov

Martinu – Quartet No.5, in G minor.


Ripped by The Invertebrate Press, New Lynsmouth, Penwithershins, West Cernyw.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Forest Life

Twenty years in the forest –
watching trees grow –
watching trees fall down –
What have I learned from this?
That trees grow up –
That trees fall down.

   *          *          *

Blazing in the sun –
white glare off the grass blasts the eye.
Green light off the sun beams the sea.
Light through leaf and light through green –
The beetle shuffles.
Sing birds your chirpers to the sea’s boiling roar –
Drowning sunbeam’s silent rush through space.

   *          *          *

Chiff-chaff a chatterjack crackle -
Crow scaw a roeking mock in black –
Buzzy bumble a bee go gathering.
Leaf’s banner’s spread and Spring declared.

   *          *          *

Miles Davis - Ornithology

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ebryl - Gwakter ha Materyoleth

Aforementioned in the above vernacular it’s the spectacular trembling atmospheric stratospheric Caterpillar.    

Charlie Parker – Ornithology

Martinu – Fantasia for Theremin, Oboe, String Quartet and Piano