Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Titanic Asuras Clash

Look up a cotton tree out by Ferry police station,
How beautiful it used to be,
And it has been destroyed by lightning,
Earthquake and Thunder, I say - what?

Say What??

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hustlin Rusks of Muffin

This One Goes Out To One And All...  A scrap of newsprint swirling in hwytha wind's whirling blasts between the towers... A flyer flits by - a dance in the Grove...  Sound of the Congos pulses and pounds through the night-   We come with our Culture to enlighten the World-  Babylon towers shake- 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rustling Husks of Nothing

Puffs of speckled field-wind stir through the wheatfield's golden-green shimmer.  A paper blows by on the wind - no news.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Invertebrate Press Caterpillar Dub 75 Visionary Ghetto Tabloid An Gath Vlewek Dasson 75 Hunros Metheven 2015

Subway clusters, bunches of words sprayed on, push-button symbolism.  Zzzdreams mustered, capers cut n dried, tried and tired in time;s tempting sandstone flux’’’;;;;  With cubes, cuniform samizdat grafitti scriff skrit script memorised, printed photostated scanned sealed and swallowed – cubes devoured and hollowed; solid.  -+-+*---+((()**      muletrain winding its way along mountain ledges – drowsy dust of dusk, flies, rolling ridges n peaks, purple dusk;  wandering hooves, jingling bells, whistles, clicks and calls – the klarino wails high and free, sinuous swooping mellow walnut ebony rich dark tones, mountainous archetypal autochthonous;

Κι Αν Έμπλεξες Με Άλλον, Δεν Πειράζει - 
Γεωργακοπούλου Ιωάννα / Τσαουσάκης Πρόδρομος


Πωγωνίσιο 2 Στο κλαρίνο ο Βαγγέλης Χαλιγιάννης

& Pan played on~~~~~

Friday, June 5, 2015

Invertebrate Press Caterpillar 75 Visionary Ghetto Tabloid An Gath Vlewek 75 Hunros Metheven 2015

In a faraway towne, scuttling feet, polyploid feet, padded, rattled, scouring the streets with antennae intelligently twitching, moon glinting splendidly reflected in myriad facets of crystal fragments in the wall as scurrying feet go clattering by--- 
Last sighted long ere aeons ago here in the twisting tumbling alleys of New Lynsmouth of old, eldritch, terrible, unspeakably ancient, I speak of the unspeakable, I point to the pointless, faring forth from this ancient whaling-port, rustling down side-streets, clear as the moon, light haloing the clouds, the atavistic ancestral carapace emerges, fresh from  the shadow-play-  threads of causality – who are you?  Said the Caterpillar…..      I looked, but the street was empty.  Unspeakable.
And in the city, the market closed today at 1.7.
More rain is expected later this afternoon, with sunny periods, scattered showers and signs, wonders, mysteries, water-spouts, revelations and globes of blue fire.   And the cuckoo shall cause his voice to be heard.

Little Black Star – John Jacob Niles

John Henry – John Jacob Niles

You Got To Cross That Lonesome Valley – John Jacob Niles

 Βρε μάγκα το μαχαίρι σου ( το Κουτσαβάκι )
 - Στράτος, Μάρκος, Μπατης, Δελιας 


 Catalogue d’oiseau - Messiaen

and the cuckoo sang with the lark.....

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tectonic Horn Shell

A series of old photos showing  
among pigeons, owls, feathers, bucks, fowls
eggbirds of the starry night’s rustling feathered web                 * * * * * * *
Eldritch and monotonous moans
swirl lurk bloom
barking like wolverines
among the nipple-mountains of pale wood-cells
stark blasted forests
shattered mountains
fragmented and writhing seas
darklight skies
& Auricularia auricula-judae
gwynjak yw hethyw
look to the sky
hurling her visions

Το φιλί δεν είναι κρίμα
- Βασίλης Τσιτσάνης

Πίνω και μεθώ - Κασιμάτης

(Οφ αμάν) Συνθέτης Περιστέρης Έτος ηχογρ. 1934 

Πίνω και μεθώ, οφ αμάν, μέρα-νύχτα τραγουδώ, οφ αμάν
Μέρα-νύχτα τραγουδώ

Και το ντέρτι μου, οφ αμάν, στο μπουζούκι μου ξεσπώ
Γένηκα μπεκρής, ωχ αμάν, χασικλής και μερακλής, ωχ αμάν
χασικλής και μερακλής

Γιατί όλο λες, ωχ αμάν, κούκλα μου πως δε με θες
Τα ματάκια σου, ωχ αμάν, και τα κορδελάκια σου, ωχ αμάν
Και τα κορδελάκια σου
Με τουμπάρανε, οφ αμάν, και με κογιονάρανε

γειά σου δερβίση μου Ζαχαρία γειά σου
Πώς μου τα 'φερες, οφ αμάν, και μου την κατάφερες, οφ αμάν
Και μου την κατάφερες
και μου το 'σκασες, οφ αμάν, μέ το μάγκα το 'στριψες

(γειά σου Σπυράκι μου με το μπουζούκι σου)

Θα 'ρθω, Μια Γλυκιά Βραδιά 
– Στράτος  Παγιουμτζής

Clustering galactic jewel-net             sterennek
     the thought of the jewel is the jewel 

               flags wave in the wind, mind

  Πίνω και μεθώ  -  Κασιμάτης 
          turning world most dear

   the following a furlong:  shafts of sunlight luming the cool waters of the pond;  verdant path a tunnel of summertime green;  purple cobwebs of glowing coral cow-horn shell-horn horn of the sea and corn of the prairie pod pea;  humus loam subtle bonfire waft, rotting sycamore leaves, rooks cawing and carking;  the tolling of a bell, crunch, crisp, snow, windmills and dust and valour;  

                  Ocean of mind; sea of space 
           pale orange sunlight on faded brickwork;
         the distant hooting of a hooter,
            lowing cattle;  water-meadows;
          cowslips, cowlicks, cows, bullhorn                           rumblers 
                 dew-drop drip from a fern and 
                     fleck the hoof of a fleeing faun