Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sixty Seven

Issue 67 of your globalocal paper floats by on the winds of change, a polychromatic ephemeron, remembering a twentieth-century renaissance through some of its music.  The times have changed, but the spirit of the times lives on.  
Also:  issue 67 of The Caterpillar brings you Part 22 of our ongoing gothick novella from West Cornwall, The Journal of Elias Gillpington.  

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The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – I Put a Spell on You

Judy Collins – I Think It’s Going To Rain Today

The Byrds – Eight Miles High

If You’re Going to San Francisco – Scott Mckenzie

Pink Floyd – The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The Beatles – Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Rolling Stones – The Satanic Majesties’ Reuqest

The Kinks – Autumn Almanac

Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe

The ‘oo – Pictures of Lily

……..Human Kindness is Overflowing…..

Monday, September 29, 2014


Musics of many nations will unite us as One.  Same Moon for all and same Sun.  Same sky go round and wrap round the World.  So sing out your true voice and follow your Soul.

Two little Tuataras sitting on the wall,
One named Peter and one named Paul,
Crawl away Peter, crawl away Paul,
Come back Peter, come back Paul.

Two little Tuataras sitting on the wall,
Marry little fellows, marry little Paul.

I love Tuataras, how nice they are,
I love Tuataras how pilly pilly par.
Tuataras are sweet they can marry each other,
They like Tuataras, how sweet they are.

Cows love squirrels, squirrels love cows,
Badgers love gollies, gollies love moles,
How sweet they all are, no matter no dinosaurs
How they eat up the animals 
If they’re a meat-eating
Dinosaur, like T.Rex was.   

Little show-aminals snuggling up in their beds.

Parrots and Macaws, macaws and parrots,
They love each other, they marry each other
And birds of course love hens, cows and chickens.
Penguins can’t fly no matter squirrels can’t fly
And either can badgers.  

Flora (4)

Edith Piaf – Johnny


Bartok – Romanian Folk Dances –
Muzsicas / Danubia Orchestra

Dzhygun – Podolain Dance, Ukraine

Dunaiou Dunaiou – Ukranian Folk Song

And more again…

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mao Mao Chong Gwynngala Reality Samizdat

Flowing into Gwynngala through the Gate of September, into a countrie fruited, mysterious and ancient, fluted in by bucking banks of fluttering Bouzoukis and butterflye-blue tickydew luminosity.  The land opens for you - for all people as One.  
Surging forward in silks, brocades, embroidered robes and cloaks, the tide of people flows on to claim Utopia's rightful realms.  Now, in late summer's Gwynngala golden days, a state of Utopia is declared upon the entire World.
Mao Mao Chong - the caterpillar horde of silken mystics floods the land.  Light is coming.  Trancendence is coming.  Hold on.  The cuckoo alights on the back of the Elephant.  The hordes are carrying lanterns, bringing the light of a hundred thousand fireflyes.  

Sotiria Bellou - Mi Mou Xanafegeis Pia

Yiannis Papaioaniou - Peiraiotiko Taximi (A Bouzouki solo in the Peiraeus Style)

Papaioanou - Hasapiko Politiko

Aivaliotiko Zeibekiko

Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Gath Vlewek Dasson 65

The Snakelocks Writhes and it sticks to your finger, 
Lurking in the same pool year after year, tide after tide.
And the drifter sits in his mineral kingdom, 
Making common cause with limpets and winkles,
Anemones and clingfish.
Practicing the Keltek tongue, ancient Brythonek wordflow.
But the excercise-girl can touch her toes - there goes my mind again.

There goes my mind again...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Short Story of No Great Length

In Part 20 of  ‘The Journal of Elias Gillpington’,  things go from detestable to abominable as our protagonist stumbles into the Ynkleudhva district of a lichenous and rhyme-rotted New Lynsmouth.  This chapter contains information of a profoundly eldritch nature – you can join the fun at Page 4 of The Caterpillar No.65 – your August edition. 

On Page 3 you can find the jazzprose of Trumpet-man  and Special Jazz Correspondent, Mr Ben Jacket.

On Page 2 of this month’s Caterpillar you‘ll find a short story of no particularly great length, breadth or depth.  Extending in no dimensions, it is become a mere dot, a humble full-stop.


The Fenians from Cahirciveen – The Johnstons

The Byrds – Live at the Piper Club, Italy ’68.

У Лісі (In The Forest) - Ukrainian Folk Song

This summer’s day you’ll find the photons streaming and the Laws of Physics ticking along quite satisfactorily.  Beez abuzz and petals spread in the breeze.  Skirts fluttering, flirts tittering, smiles giggling.  Dragonfly drones and sups nectar, drops eggs in lifestream – worldegg swelling worldfruit ripening and wind coming to moan and sough the bough and drop the fruit the seed the sprout the sun the sap the twig and leaf the beetle the glistening drop of dew is licked by the bronze-diadem tongue of the iridescent glimmering dragonfly, servant of the Snake. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ghastly Otherness Dub

Well, here it is folks, splurging into your fat faces like a river of glorious, molten, shivering, jewel-encrusted vomit – hope you likes it…. 


Satie – Vexations (Excerpt 2)

The Caterpillar wishes Joy to the World.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Elias Gillpington 19, Gortheren Kath Vlewek

The Journal of Elias Gillpington shines a beam of luminosity on to the dark and obscure goings on in the port of New Lynsmouth in West Kirnowe.

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The Journal of Elias Gillpington will be continued in the near future.
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Erik Satie – Ogives

Erik Satie – Vexations (1893) Excerpt 1.

The Caterpillar will soon return in a Dub Version….