Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Be A Mad Artist

an exercise in spontaneity.... 
Step One:  Make up some weird stuff...
Step Two:  Present it in a hyped-up fashion
Step Three:  Hype it further like it really matters
Step Four:  Harvest the cash, prestige, mojo, vibe, fruit, whatsoe'er 
Step Five:  Step One
{Secret Step Six}  Pretend to be a starving artist and pay no taxes, whilst quietly syphoning off vast funds from wealthy patrons and donating it all to the West Penwithershins Liberation Front, or similar...
Well it all started when I was walking down the road one day, it was a long road, a hot day and a crystal sky threatened to shatter over my head with ten thousand broken jewels - what was I to do?  I could only stare in amazement as swifts flitted flimsily forth, ephemeral feathers flew, from egg to branch, from station to station they flicked, from Africa to Penwithershins, Tallcarne, Mount Misshap and on they flew, passing on to Ireland, trasna na tdonnta and over the waves, tramor, tramor anmoreagain...

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Friday, March 31, 2017

This Aint Rock n Roll This Is Social Media

Hmmmm….  What does everybody think about everything?  And what does everybody think about that?  Are my friends electric, eclectic or biometric?  Who cares?  I’m liking it anyway!  Howdy screen-ghosts and welcome to the evidence-trail, the plastic-agora, the tar-pit of eternal doom and friendly watering-hole on the corner where ya bump into all kinds of critters…..  (hang on – I’m just gonna check my notifications)  oh man!  I just saw this hilarious video!  See, there was this hamster, yeah?  And it was all dressed up…… and it was like riding this little tiny bike?   it was just sew funny…….    I’ll send you the link – no really – it’s no trouble!  You just have to see it! 
ΧΑΣΑΠΙΚΟ του Στελλάκη Περπινιάδη   
Ορχήστρα μς ακορντεόν, κιθάρα, μπουζούκι και δύο μαντολίνα.

Diamond Dogs – David Bowie 1974

See you online, suckers!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ephemeral Flim Flam That Fluttered Once Forth To Froth

So there I was, walking down the road, when all of a sudden-   
(Open a new tab and expand your image)  Ancient geometrical rhythms, patterns in the cloth, the march of the mountains, a faded colour-postcard, Kodachrome film flickering, people in outdated clothes, hats, newspapers clutched, streets bustling with gone-people, living-only-in-film-people, black-and-white-film-people gone drifting back in time.  

Πήγαινα Το Δρόμο Δρόμο - Pigaina To Dromo Dromo

Μοιρολόι με γυρίσματα * Πετρολούκας Χαλκιάς

Γκάιντα Πυρσογιαννίτικη - Μαστοροχώρια Κόνιτσας (Ήπειρος)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dream Yesterdays Summer

Ain’t always got the time to dream and slip into the summer meadows yesterday, dappled sunlight in the trees, through the meadow and into the tress, drowsy with summers’ torpor dropping like honey-flies from the leaves of the trees, glinting in the glade so cool.  Time to slip and slide to where stupas melt in time and fjords reflect the pure sky…  through the meadow and into the trees….   through the wildflower meadow, buzzing with insects of summer grass.  Into the trees, into the trees.....  
Scritti Politti – Doubt Beat

The Lyres – We Sell Soul

The Versatiles – Someone To Love

Junior Byles – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Morocco – Markos Vamvakaris, Apostolos Katsichristos - 1940


Slip into the dream of consciousness.....

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How do you be lost in the Void?

How do you be lost in the Void?  How do you do it?  By not knowing that you are lost in the Void – this is the best way to be lost in the Void.  Do you be lost in the Void for lack of a valid ID?  Do you be lost in the Void when you think you are found and not in the Void?  Do you be lost in the Void when all the time you were really just lost in the Void?  Isn’t this a cause for laughter? 

Join Together – The Who

Let’s Get Together – H.P.Lovecraft

Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat

Monster – Steppenwolf

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lepidopteral Nichtiplanctus

Noctambulistic nichtiplanctus.  You have to count everything in nines.  That’s the secret.  They have take-outs and tekes – take your choice.  Choose your toke.  Take a choke.  Crack a joke.  Shake like a jelly and watch the tsifteteli. 
Stou Thoma To Magasi From The Rebetiko Movie
Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ - Χόρεψε μου τσιφτετέλι
Ροζα Εσκενάζυ - Μας κυνηγούν τον αργιλέ
Στελλάκης - Ρόζα: Μάρκα μ' έκαψες
"Μάρκα μ' έκαψες" ή αλλιώς "ο μάγκας και η ρόζα".
Το τραγούδι είναι σύνθεση του 1933 απο τον Ιάκωβο Μοντανάρη.
Τραγουδούν ο Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης και η Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ.
Στις κιθάρες είναι οι Σπύρος Περιστέρης και Κώστας Σκαρβέλης
Σα φουμάρω τσιγαρλίκι Στελάκης Περπινιάδης 1935

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Watchagonnado when the rain comes down – watchagonnado when the rain comes down – showers of words when the rain comes down – running down the page when the rain comes down -  watchagonnado when the dream wakes up – watchagonna do when you wake from the dream – moon in the clouds in a silvery dreamscape – sailing through gaps in a nocturnal moonscape – watya gonna do when you wake from the dream, what’re y’goin’t’ do when y’ wake from y’ dream?
Bowie – Toy (Album)

Pat Kelly – How Long

Pat Kelly – Dark End of the Street

Prince Buster – Dark End of the Street

Gram Parsons – Dark End of the Street

Ken Parker  - My Whole World is Falling Down