Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dr Polka at Wheal Roots – Notes From Underground Cornwall Plus The Real Caterpillar

I’m Dr Polka. In 1976 I started work at Wheal Roots which became ‘Poldark Mine’.  As  a 16 year old miner I literally entered a new world. Blasting our way through granite, we hooked up with old workings and though I didn’t know it at the time, we bored our way into a skoven, a tin-ground, with a history that goes back to prehistoric times. This experience forms the basis for my fiction story, The Janetta Stone, which is in my ebook, The Horned Whale.  Some day I’ll write the real story of those mining days.  The tunnels we ‘mucked out’ by wheel-barrow during the days of Britain’s Punk explosion - for £16 a week - were later used for the mining scenes representing ‘Wheal Grace’ and ‘Wheal Fortune’ in the BBC’s Poldark drama series.  Somebody certainly made a fortune  but it wasn’t the miners.  Repetitious history.  Down Poldark Mine these days they have mannequins of eighteenth-century boy miners – they don’t actually look a whole lot younger than me and my fellow-‘tinners’ from the seventies.                     
Oh Beejayzus!  The things a fella’s gotta do t’ earn a crusta bread in these crazy days – hmmmm,   let’s see now – where was I?  pppffffssssssshhhhhhhhooooooouuuuuuggghhhh!  Hey, I thought you could just dig money up!  Like in the olden days – but then I always was a bit of an impressionist, like, from back in the Golden Days.  So anyway, there I was, diggin’ and  a-delvin’ like a Devla down ol’ Wheal Roots of a Wendron afternoon, tryin t’ make a kroust, when all over a sudden like I gets the idea t’ try me luck in the litricher trade, just for the halibut like.  So I’m here t’  tell youse about me new book – it’s a noctambulatory masterpiece like, well, it’s a piece anyway – a piece of something…… 
The book’s called The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek, by Jeremy Schanche.  Check it out here…
…and may God have mercy upon your soul.
(P.S. – and I really am taking the P.S. now… )  It’s available at most ebook sites and you can get it in a format to fit any device, however suspect.  Most sites let you sample the first 100 pages or so for free.  The ISBN is 9780993490910 and with this you can locate the book.

Let’s Submerge - X-Ray Spex

Mole In The Ground – Bascom Lamar Lunsford

The Beatles – Paperback Writer
(Note the shot of the Hoffner Bass right at the end)

Suspect Device – Stiff Little Fingers

Bal – My mining playlist

Delyo Syvy – Brenda Wooton
Are you thinking of going underground?  I’ll see you down there! 
Yours,  Dr Polka

Friday, December 30, 2016

Lesser Purple Spotted Caterpillar

plain notes furl the gypsy fiddle and the band joins sideways shifting and drifting over the Carpathian mountains.  Dark wells and billows of vapour brake the light into sharp-stalagmites of a thousand brittle   bloats, shadowing tracts of cataract.  Between the turfs scutter and scuttle cling, feathery shatter and thaw.
Globe lume larva car pace rig but lo zen a saffron zombie is typical numinous phosphorous scope lope rope nasty on tropical fish on a stalagmite-sloth mole-herring gull-ship og carbon if thy tin ant wax-eater dew phone late

A fogment.  A fig.  A paper fragment from a collage.  That’s all it is.

Just the flow of the ten thousand things.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Great Purple Spotted Caterpillar

Though it seems so long ago, I have dreams - dreams to remember and remembrance runs wild to another planet - the start of a brilliant adventure.
The plaintive notes unfurl from the gypsy fiddle and the band joins in with a sideways metallic blues, shifting and drifting like the clouds over the Carpathian mountains.  Dark swells and billows of water-vapour brake the sunlight into shark-stalactites of a thousand brittle glinting hues.  Swelling cloud-mass furls and bloats, shadowing tracts of land and cataract-white rivers.  Between the turfs beetles scutter and scuttle, lichens cling, feathery hawks and eagles soar, ice starts to crack, shatter and thaw.
Globule lumen larvae carapace dirigible halibut lozenge cachtas lycanthrope saffron zombie isthmus typical numinous phosphorous gyroscope interloper heliotrope dynasty vision tropical sunfish neon radiance stalagmite sloth-bear mole-rat herring-gull air-ship krogen carboniferous ichthyosaur igneous luminous gelatinous globular antelope sealing-wax ant-eater sundew xylophone coagulate

A figment.  A fragment.  A paper fragment from a collage.  

Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the U.K.
Taper Zukie – M.P.L.A.
David Bowie – The Battle for Britain (The Letter)
Mott The Hoople – Thunderbuck Ram
The Clash – White Riot
The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
Kleenex/LiLiPUT – Hitchhiker
I Jog and The Tracksuits – Red Box
David Bowie – Rebel Rebel
Scritti Politti – Skank Bloc Bologna E.P.
The Seeds – I Tell Myself
The Body Snatchers - Easy Life
Buzzcocks – Choices
Prince Buster -  Dreams to Remember
Leonard Cohen – Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
David Bowie – Brilliant Adventure

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hachūrui Hatchling 爬虫類

Somehing’s going on between Jack Lane and Florence Place. It’s all over New Lynsmouth.  Some d’say Old Paul Hill’s not too happy about it, but I don’t know so much.  She's a good, steady woman, is Florence, even if she has got one too many of those modern ideas in her head, you can’t blame her for that.  And as for Jack, the lupine, Hackensack chicken-shack, why, he’s just off on his way now, up to Ting-a-Ling mine, with compass and plumb-line to measure the depths and check the straightness and curvature of line.  The fox in tweeds, he rustles his whiskers in laconic amusement. 
When Jack Lane chose a career in mine-surveying he was putting his love of science to practical use.  Some of his friends were more experimental in their approach to the scientific arts.  There was Paul Hill the younger, with his constant tinkering around with engines and mechanisms.  And then there was Gillpington – Elias Gillpington.  He seemed to study everything from ancient languages to flying machines.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, he fell in with that dubious relict, that self-appointed alchemist, Lazarus Taxon and got mixed up in all kinds of events of a nature both agglutinative and palpably eldritch. 

The aforementioned phenomena described and decried herein, herewith and heretofore, being mere ephemeral impressionist and half-forgotten phonograph rolls and box-camera daguerreotype images flapping briefly in eternity’s wink, we’ll say no more – what do you think?  
{The Chops of Moss reside within and characters they hide within, between the pages of a book – they wait for you to take a look – meanwhile they hang in empty space suspended in a distant place awaiting birth within the minds of readers of a hungry kind}
Here are some posters to print out: 
The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek can be found at all good ebook sites, in a format to fit any device...

Sârbă ciobănească / Pastoral dance







Artwork can be reproduced for non-profit use only.  
 © The Invertebrate Press,  2016.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

角のあるクジラ Tsunojō no kujira - The Horned Whale 電子ブック 著者 – Jeremy Schanche

 Gorhemynadow a Kernow
私の名前は  Jeremy Schanche
Hannow me Jeremy Schanche yw


商品番号  9780993490910  
The ebook of The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek by Jeremy Schanche is available from all good ebook sites, $3.99 USD.

だいち おと


Kōn'u~ōru kara no manga zasshi
Ενας μάγκας στο Βοτανικό  - Παγιουμτζής

Δελιάς - Βρε μάγκα το μαχαίρι σου 
(το Κουτσαβάκι)


見知らぬ人  - キャタピラークロール

The Invertebrate Press Office:

イチゴ狩りIchigokari - Delyo Syvy

Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Morvil Kornek / The Horned Whale by Jeremy Schanche - available at all ebook distributors, in all formats!

An Morvil Kornek or The Horned Whale, by Jeremy Schanche, available now at all major ebook distributors, in all formats...
Plug in this electronic book and take a journey round the 'Shyre' - 
Come to Penwithershins and check out the Underground as Old Janner shows Pat Vulgata round the labyrinths of the mine in The Janetta Stone.
Dark New Lynsmouth has seen many tribulations, but none so great as that set forth in The Kramvil, a gothic novel of eldritch and extraordinary phenomena which unwinds its thread through the twisting alleys of the Old Quarter.  When the studious Elias Gillpington runs into the audacious scientist Lazarus Taxon, the wings of fate soon becloud the Keltek sky.  As the shadow falls upon New Lynsmouth, Elias sees a glint of light in the presence of the beautiful Miss Constance Place.  The story pulses and pullulates with life like a seething vat of yeast infested by furious clouds of flies and wasps on a sunny day, in an ancient lithograph of old Bombay.  Potent, frothy, well-charged and heady, this electric manuscript will give you the skittering jitters and chill your rattling trotters.
The collection of Poems will most likely sneak up on yous from downwind and lasso yous off to a land of golden sunshine, rustling leaves and phonographs furling out foxtrots 'fore rustling ya rational-mind and dry-gulching yous in Tuskaloosa or somewheres or some or other such place.
Next, for the word-hungry among ye, we have a couple of glossaries to teach the tongues of talking.  First be the Gerlyvryn Kernouac which explains some words of the ancient Cornish language which appear in the stories.  Then we have the International Glossary which covers words from overseas, ancient and modern, as well as some archaic forms of Sowsnek, or 'English'.  
For our closing act, we have Ghost-Hulk of a Phantom, a darkly comic portrait of a struggling writer - a halucinatory roulade of oceanic fervour - a splattering of adrenalin on a canvas of vast cabbage-fields.  
To cut a John Dory short and chase the choice cuts I gotta say that An Morvil Kornek or The Horned Whale is the kind of book the lack of which would crook and rook up your reading-life by an absence of the positive presence of its very special form of effervescence.  
There's 21 different ebook distributors selling The Horned Whale, including  Amazon, Apple (itunes), Baker and Taylor Blio, Baker-Taylor Axis 360, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Gardners Extended Retail, Gardners Library, Inktera (formerly Page Foundry), Kobo, Library Direct, Odilo, OverDrive, Oyster, Scribd, Smashwords, Sony, Tolino, txtr, Yuzu, etc..  so there's a version out there to suit everyone.....  what follows are just a few of them - I'll put up the rest as they 'go live'...

If you enjoy An Morvil Kornek or The Horned Whale, please print out some flyers, cut them up an pass them around - spread the words...  Also, please link to this page on your social sites...  
Why not go totally hog-wild and print out a poster for ya home or the twisting back-alleys of your juddering home-town, ya sprawling metropolis or ya muddy one-horse village-street?
Hope you like the stories!  And remember, you can't judge a rook by its plover.  Take it easy now, but take it!
Jeremy Schanche

Here are some books by, or about, friends and family:
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And here's a true story, one we should all read: 
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Don't burn books - let them burn you...
The Beginning.  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Horned Whale by Jeremy Schanche

The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek by Jeremy Schanche at all good ebook outlets - available now!
Hi folks, I'm very happy to tell you that my ebook is ready for you all to devour.
If it’s words you want, this book’s full of ‘em…
The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek is the first book by Jeremy Schanche.  It contains a short story, a full-length novel, a novella, a collection of poetry and two glossaries. 
The Janetta Stone is a subterranean tale which explores the origins of tin-mining and the roots of language.  Set in Cornwall’s metalliferous far-west, the story is partly based on the author’s own experiences as one of the last generation of Cornish miners.  Glimpses of an underground past melt into the present as the man from Chyannor  shows reporter Pat Vulgata around the old ‘bal’, or mine, that runs out under the sea.
The Kramvil is a gothic novel of mystery, romance and home-made science, set in the archaic fishing port of New Lynsmouth, circa 1911.  Elias Gillpington is a young scholar, quietly pursuing a life of learning until he encounters the elderly Lazarus Taxon and gets drawn into his world of extraordinary experimentation.  Desperate to win the love of the luminous Constance Place, Elias pursues his fate through the foggy alleys of the Old Quarter, while back in the lab, something is taking shape, swelling, writhing, emerging-
The fog, the sea, the dappled sunshine and the clacking, rooking crows are as much a part of this story as its cast of rare characters and the stream of inexplicable phenomena through which they pass.
Gerlyvrynn Kernouac or the Cornish Glossary gives translations for the Cornish words which occasionally enrich the script.  Cornish is a Brythonek language – part of Ancient British culture and pre-dating Sowsnek, or the English language by many centuries.
International Glossary contains words from thirty-one different languages, ancient, medieval and modern. 
Ghost-Hulk of a Phantom takes a laconic dive into the world of a struggling writer whose only wish is to get his book published.  Determined to make a few quid before he gets old, the fame-hungry, whimsical and volatile Arthur Buxtereide has a whale of a time in the wacky world of publishing.  A beastly tale.
Monstrous, lyrical and dream-like, this collection of writing from the Keltek heart-land offers rich food for those who look within.    
Jeremy Schanche has also published over 340 papers on art and politics which are all available free.
Where to buy The Horned Whale ebook on line:

Ebook distributors carrying The Horned Whale include  Apple (itunes), Baker and Taylor Blio, Baker-Taylor Axis 360, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Flipkart, Gardners Extended Retail, Gardners Library, Inktera (formerly Page Foundry), Kobo, Library Direct, Odilo, OverDrive, Oyster, Scribd, Sony, Tolino, txtr, Yuzu, etc.. 

If you enjoy The Horned Whale, please print out some flyers, cut them up and pass them around, help the Whale get going: (might work best if you copy it into a word doc first)  
Also - Please put a link to this page on your social sites...

Also, a Horned Whale poster for your house or your street:

A look behind the scenes at The Invertebrate Press Office:

My other blog:

Dear Sir or Madam, won't you read my book?
It took me years to write - won't you take a look?
Jeremy Schanche