Monday, January 1, 2018

The Buxtereide Prize

Author of The Horned Whale offers Unique Bonus Prize
THE BUXTEREIDE PRIZE will be awarded by the author to the first reader of The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek ebook who claims to have read the entire book from start to finish - 
In order to prove their claim the contestant will need to be able to answer a few simple questions on the book and display a reasonable knowledge of its contents - 
The prize will include: 
A handmade statuette of the leading character from the novel
personally crafted by the author-s own hands and signed in the clay - a limited edition of one - 
Signed publicity materials
Free copies of any future books by the author
A personal tour round the New Lynsmouth of the novel and its immediate environs - you will be personally taken on a journey to the unique and atmospheric real-life places that inspired the scenes in The Kramvil - 
The tour will conclude with a celebratory feast for the honoured prize-winner!
(The prize is international in nature and is open to anyone in the world - however - airfare cannot be provided nor hotel accommodation - bus-fare from Penzance will be refunded if valid tickets are shown at the prize-giving ceremony - 
Loss - injury or sudden death of contestants is their own fault - don-t try to sue my ass cause you-ll come off worst)
Literary journals of a genteel bourgeois or rabid revolutionary nature are welcome to review and critique the ouvre if such they seek - resonating cheek by jowl with the howling beaks of mediatized modernity and rattling jawbone exuberances - 
The Horned Whale  or An Morvil Kornek  by Jeremy Schanche  is available everywhere! 

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