Sunday, December 24, 2017

To Beauty

The sovereign stream of consciousness within this autonomous skin surges up over the valley and flies over the Tolcarne Rock - Leaping the valley with an aery celestial bound the empty foot launches into glistening air and fingers spread out like a black raven - The flying dreaming mind loves to career through the air and fly over the valley like a buzzard - bargos yw - bluebird with feathery shimmering wing - This bird knows the deal and despite the flim-flam schpiel is not fooled by chimeric thoughts - justs likes to play them - likes to chirp and say them - just likes to fly feathery free and can't help loving the shining rays of the sun that stream down the hill - the rays of the sun so shy smiling looking down and throwing light into the aerial-drifter's fluttery heart -
Terrapin - Syd Barrett

Love Song - Syd Barrett

Queen Majesty - The Techniques

Love Oh Love - Max Romeo

Nowhere To Turn - Byrds-Beatles

Wish You Were Here - A Day In The Life - Pink Floyd-Beatles

We Love You - The Rolling Stones

2000 Light Years From Bolan - Rolling Stones-T.Rex

Queen Jane Approximately - Bob Dylan

Let's Get Together - H P Lovecraft

9780993490910 is the number of my book - The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek           

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