Friday, November 10, 2017

Odd Mycology

The Mind - flowing with awareness like a river - 
you can-t have a river without water - 
you can-t have mind without awareness - they are the same thing - feeling - sensing - emoting - cognitive function and conceptuality - these are all aspects of the mind - all based on its fundamental ability to be aware - its awareness - simple awareness itself -
The mind can go through innumerable realms - ordinary - extraordinary - pure and impure - clear and deluded - sacred and profane - it-s all in the mind - what we perceive and what we conceive are all within the mind - where else - - - it-s the same mind - deluded or clarified - calm or agitated - the same mind -
Thoughts and beliefs and of course experiences can colour the personality or superficial layers of consciousness - Like a collection of ornate lanterns - personalities are the characteristic and unique containers for the universal and undifferentiated brilliance and radiance of awareness itself -
Almost 40 years ago I fueled my mind with the sacred Druidic fungi that blossom in the Autumn and have been used by humans for countless millennia - In the November issue of The Caterpillar I described my experience - in this Dub Issue of The Caterpillar I-ve re-mixed my impressions of this long-past experience into a piece of psychedelic art - seemed like the thing to do with it all these years later - 

Essentially the Mind is Good - - - - - - -

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