Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mycological Odyssey

Timothy Leary-s Dead!  No no no no he-s outside looking in - this is the true story of a teenager-s journey to the centre of the Universe with the help of a hundred and fifty psychedelic mushrooms - the author presents the facts in the blazing light of day just as they happened - visions from the ghetto - from the past - from the seventies - from the days when the world had turned less times than it has now and less people had been born - the days of the past - volatile days of hunger - laughter - free love - good friends - albums singles and tapes - and voyages such as that set forth in this month-s issue of The Caterpillar - A Visionary Ghetto Tabloid - Free from the Alaya Vijnana - Get yours today and read all about it -
Untitled Ink Drawing - Jeremy Schanche - 1978 - Felt-Tip Pen  

Note - Once there was a monkey who fancied a ride in a space-ship so he broke into the cockpit and managed to make it blast off - soon however the poor primate realized he had got in way too deep and could not control the ship that was hurling him into infinity - and away from his beloved banana-trees!  The foolish monkey did not realize that you need training before such an undertaking - it took him some time to get back home -
Do not be like that monkey -

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  1. hey J, great trip report, here's one from 20 years later...