Monday, March 21, 2016

Light On Plasticity

– A subconscious re-interpretation of a little-known luminous phenomenon replete and re-heated in conspiracy with certain unutterable new findings in Ye Scroll of ye Lore, &c.; &c.;  by Cedric Brodie, Doctor &c Physick.; &c.:
- Constraining herewith an oral account both humble and magnificent, of the peregrinations of the above-mentioned philosopher, namely Mr Cedric Brodie, ‘during his various and divers voyages around and about the Soul of Man; namely and to whit: ye Seeing, ye Hearing, ye Touch, ye Smell, etc., etc., &.C;  also included is the narrative of ye return voyage to New Lynsmouth and various hilarious goings-on in that fair towne.  Printed by Grittfellow, Withertop and Urge – Cheapside, London, in the year of 1617.

Upon a beam of light I sailed around, ever chasing the sun.  After many a voyage I noticed the beams of sun were reflecting off the water, I traced their source, I charted their course and plumbed their line.  By Jupiter!  With all zeal I sought the source of sun’s silent shine.  I can’t pretend to grasp the shimmering glint with mere bony hand.  This playful spirit sits still for no-one, not even a child.  Dancing light, do you never sit upon the water when the water is still?  I chased you round but found that though you eluded me, still, you were there all the time, right there – gravity bent you my way by attraction oh playful spirit of light you were the Newton’s apple of my eye.  So instead, after many restless voyages around the poles of the horn, I settled down to the life of an English country squire and a natural history of botanical verbiage. Taxonomical lepidoptery filled many a pleasant day when I was not drowsing before a roaring fire as the rain skittered down.  E’er the glint sparkled for me from then on.  I sat back like a crafty old dog and let the light come to me.  Now, instead of chasing it, I could simply sit and look deeply into it as it met my eye – illuminating my inner eye with every photonic pulse – a smile also lit my face.

Παγιουμτζής - Μπρος στα κλειστά παράθυρα (Ο δρόμος)
This just in – breath – this just out – breath – this just streaming – breath – eternally through now and into infinite futurity – breath – as white-light of Hendrix’s guitar jams with Arthur Lee and Love – breath – and electricity streams through the universe – breath  - and in a blink it’s 2016 and they’ve gone universal, done got promoted…
Love - Four Sail (1969)
(Actually I think it was a different album where Jimi played on the first track, hey-ho. Ed.)

Here it is: 

Love with Jimi Hendrix - The Everlasting First [1970]

Don't hold back  -- be yourself...........

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