Sunday, March 13, 2016

On the Plasticity of Light-Waves – A sub-molecular interpretation of a quasi-self-luminous phenomenon re-examined and re-evaluated in conjunction with certain unspeakable new findings in Ye Booke of ye most ancient and foule Shoggoths, &c.; &c.; by Cecil Peabody, Gent.; &c.: - Containing herewithin an account both splendid and magnificent, of the travels and travails of the aforementioned gentlefellow, namely Mr Cecil Peabody, ‘during his various and divers voyages around and about the watery parts of ye globe; namely and to whit: ye Southe Seas, ye Atlantek, ye Pacifick, ye Sea of Gaule, etc., etc., &.C; also included is the narrative of ye return voyage to Blighty and various hilarious goings-on in that fair land. Printed by Gribble and Toothsplitter – Paternoster Lane, London, in the year of 1616.

Upon a watery beam of light I sailed around the globe, ever chasing the setting sun.  After many and many a voyage I noticed the beams of sunset were reflecting off the watery main, I traced their source with sextant and compass, I charted their course and plumbed their line.  By Jupiter, I would solve this mystery!  With all the zeal and rigour of a young student fresh out of college I sought the source of sun’s silent shine.  I sought the source upon the seas as I sailed forth as I did please.  The rays they bent around the globe – to meet their point they made a strobe.  The twinkling beams like sea-lions smiled, their grin went on for miles and miles.  I stopped the light dead in its tracks, I met its echo coming back.  The beam reflected in a mirror I waved it in particles.  Gravity sucked at the light and threw the whole thing subtly out of kilter, it looks better that way, like the Akropolis.  The timbers of the old oak ship had been soaking up the light golden all the time in rosy orange mellow buffalo brown hue, so why worry about it?  Another light twinkled in my eye, another twinkled upon the sea.  The beams met and rebounded around the back of the earth, coming back for more.  The light that I had chased around the globe, had made the object of my search, my years of study, the light of stars and suns, the watery beam of light I chased around the globe – it was right there in my own eye all the time! 

in my own eye all the time!

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