Friday, April 1, 2016

An Gath Vlewek Ebryl 2016 Heb Kost

Crikey, is it that time again?  Hoof!  How time flies.  Flies usually timed with stopwatch.  Ha.  Hmmm.  Well, this Ebryl, The Caterpillar be mainly concerned with a palette of issues arising out of the copywriting of a collage-journal of a photocopy of a paint-palette and similar matters of artistic integrity and etiquette.  Better yet, The Caterpillar comes to you totally free, without charge and totally heb kost.  An Gath Vlewek – what a truly hairy cat it is – or is it? – you decide – it is for you, the avid readers, that The Caterpillar is, after all, created by that gibbering horde of rabid, ravenous and haunting night-gaunts.  Well, so long for now Pals, till the trails cross again, I’ll be moseying along, chasing the doggies, tumble-weeds and illusory phenomenal-projections of the impenetrable mists of time, dream and mind.  Heb Kost remember!
Check out the beautiful song The Ballad of Ronny’s Mare:
The Dubliners - Plain and Simple
Pink Floyd - Scarecrow Outtakes - 1967
John Jacob Niles - 
American Street, Field and Jail House Cries

Ebryl yw!

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