Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How To Be A Mad Artist

an exercise in spontaneity.... 
Step One:  Make up some weird stuff...
Step Two:  Present it in a hyped-up fashion
Step Three:  Hype it further like it really matters
Step Four:  Harvest the cash, prestige, mojo, vibe, fruit, whatsoe'er 
Step Five:  Step One
{Secret Step Six}  Pretend to be a starving artist and pay no taxes, whilst quietly syphoning off vast funds from wealthy patrons and donating it all to the West Penwithershins Liberation Front, or similar...
Well it all started when I was walking down the road one day, it was a long road, a hot day and a crystal sky threatened to shatter over my head with ten thousand broken jewels - what was I to do?  I could only stare in amazement as swifts flitted flimsily forth, ephemeral feathers flew, from egg to branch, from station to station they flicked, from Africa to Penwithershins, Tallcarne, Mount Misshap and on they flew, passing on to Ireland, trasna na tdonnta and over the waves, tramor, tramor anmoreagain...

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