Sunday, July 31, 2016

Самиздат Brythonek Dub Version

Nagas, Snake-Lords, saddhus, a golden dusty afternoon in Dreamindia of Rishis and protoyogis, entranced forever in realms of past-forgotten time.
Blue green rustle the leaves of bamboo, the breeze curls round the mountain, dispersing the mist.  A lonesome flute loops round the rocky fastness, colouring the breeze that curls and licks the trees.  The old sage peeps out of his cave.  A little dragon flutters by.
Ice shatters in caves of crystal glistening prismatic stalactites, Stegosaurus stenops staggers stunned inoperable.
And in ya cities the action rumbles.

A poster for The Caterpillar Dub - print some copies and glue them to the walls of your town....

Now take your culture to the streets

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