Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kevardhu Samizdat

In Vikos chasm where the Voidomatis bursts
Springing to birth from the rocks of Mother Earth
Beneath titanic Gamila, the stronghold of the free
The prehistoric, the wild and the Deity.
Here Heaven and Earth were married once and will ever be

Ken Parker - When You're Gone (1970)

The Gaylads - I Love The Reggay

Wailers - Dreamland / U Roy - Dreamland Version

Junior Delgado - Black Man's Heart Cries Out

Ken Boothe - Say You

Dicey Reilly - The Dubliners

The Carter Family - Can't Feel at Home
Visions of Johana - Bob Dylan

Σωτηρία Μπέλλου - Νύχτωσε χωρίς φεγγάρι


Top 100 Hits of 1967

Լուսիկ Քոշյան

And now, dear Friends, I want to share with you the beautiful music of Armenia, from the wonderful and magical singer Lusig Qoyshyan, let your soul fly to Armenia:

Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852)

Say You!

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