Saturday, November 28, 2015

Phenomenal Journey of Spirit

Living in the country of the living enfleshed is to live out a phenomenal journey through experience, pure as the stream of consciousness itself.  Sprung from nowhere, abiding nowhere, going nowhere – Heart-Mind resides at the centre of all experience.  Rain falls on New Lynsmouth.  The Caterpillar scuttles for cover under iridescent glittering carapace/overcoat, stumbling stoat-like through jumbled tumbling street-corner windy blues.  A faint smile lights the mandible-chops of the genial invertebrate;  beaming out goodness to the laval-beings of the universe.
ΣΕ ΘΕΛΩ ΝΑ 'ΣΑΙ ΕΞΥΠΝΗ -               
ΣΤΕΛΙΟΣ ΚΕΡΟΜΥΤΗΣ,                                                                                            
ΗΛΙΟΒΑΣΙΛΕΜΑ ΣΩΣΤΟ -                                                           
ΟΡΦΕΑΣ ΚΡΕΟΥΖΗΣ,                                                              
ΙΩΑΝΝΑ ΓΕΩΡΓΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ,                                                 

Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers, 1969

Pete Seeger - Living in the Country
go ride the music.......

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