Monday, September 28, 2015

Underneath The Yellow Lights

A wave of musical anarchy/amphetamine/adrenaline that 
changed Britain, and the World, forever. 
From the tower-blocks and dole-queues of London, back in the mid-seventies, was born a new monster, a creature that would turn against the hallowed gods of rock with a frenzied rending and rapid four/four phrasing, barked out against a backdrop of exploding chaos to a crowd of raging maniacs.  This beast would soon consume all in its path and infiltrate all corners of the industry before spawning a nebulous cluster of styles that would reverberate into the next century. Punk bubbled up from the streets like cess from a ruptured sewer and soon its heady fragrance filled the airwaves and blasted from the turntables of countless teenage bedrooms.  The monster was at large - waking up England and kicking over the odd apple-cart along the way.

and we don't care...

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