Monday, September 29, 2014


Musics of many nations will unite us as One.  Same Moon for all and same Sun.  Same sky go round and wrap round the World.  So sing out your true voice and follow your Soul.

Two little Tuataras sitting on the wall,
One named Peter and one named Paul,
Crawl away Peter, crawl away Paul,
Come back Peter, come back Paul.

Two little Tuataras sitting on the wall,
Marry little fellows, marry little Paul.

I love Tuataras, how nice they are,
I love Tuataras how pilly pilly par.
Tuataras are sweet they can marry each other,
They like Tuataras, how sweet they are.

Cows love squirrels, squirrels love cows,
Badgers love gollies, gollies love moles,
How sweet they all are, no matter no dinosaurs
How they eat up the animals 
If they’re a meat-eating
Dinosaur, like T.Rex was.   

Little show-aminals snuggling up in their beds.

Parrots and Macaws, macaws and parrots,
They love each other, they marry each other
And birds of course love hens, cows and chickens.
Penguins can’t fly no matter squirrels can’t fly
And either can badgers.  

Flora (4)

Edith Piaf – Johnny


Bartok – Romanian Folk Dances –
Muzsicas / Danubia Orchestra

Dzhygun – Podolain Dance, Ukraine

Dunaiou Dunaiou – Ukranian Folk Song

And more again…

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