Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mao Mao Chong Gwynngala Reality Samizdat

Flowing into Gwynngala through the Gate of September, into a countrie fruited, mysterious and ancient, fluted in by bucking banks of fluttering Bouzoukis and butterflye-blue tickydew luminosity.  The land opens for you - for all people as One.  
Surging forward in silks, brocades, embroidered robes and cloaks, the tide of people flows on to claim Utopia's rightful realms.  Now, in late summer's Gwynngala golden days, a state of Utopia is declared upon the entire World.
Mao Mao Chong - the caterpillar horde of silken mystics floods the land.  Light is coming.  Trancendence is coming.  Hold on.  The cuckoo alights on the back of the Elephant.  The hordes are carrying lanterns, bringing the light of a hundred thousand fireflyes.  

Sotiria Bellou - Mi Mou Xanafegeis Pia

Yiannis Papaioaniou - Peiraiotiko Taximi (A Bouzouki solo in the Peiraeus Style)

Papaioanou - Hasapiko Politiko

Aivaliotiko Zeibekiko

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