Sunday, July 19, 2009


Aeons ripening and decaying , decaying , de caying – pure! mandibles clutching, clutching a shapeless manuscript – no-one else to be! following the figure, eldritch flickering thunderdogs licking my temples and shivering rivulets of sweat trembling in Lethan trickles. A Daguerrotype electrified alive. time he travelled , I kept pace but I could not .the singularity. The anomaly. a gliding, skimming, skeeting many realms, many dramas. Dream rams and fleecing flounders abounded.
Over the dancing cobble stones, the skittering of those tiny shoes, all
those shiny shoes, muted only by tufts of straw from the maw of the horse - sent swirling, skirling and wailing by a kind of zephyr breeze, a sea breeze.
Turning, twisting and taking yet another corner-block turn in that snaking and shining seaport towne, I saw my companion emerge, emerging directly upon the sea-front. picking up papers he had dropped along the way. Parchments thick and of Chinese flower garden petals. Relishing. – must keep my eye on that Caterpillar – trail him - he is becoming remote. Follow him.
Carapaced cornucopia flittering
. I saw him moving, gliding ahead, onto the rocks of the seashore, with ease and agility, & again I paused - some papers of his could blow into a rock-pool! The wind blew back a shred - his chuckling laughter – playing some kind of game?? A joke - Is that it? - so struck by the beauty of the scene. moonlight casting a hollow glow on the softly rolling face of the micro-ocean, sharing silvery light with fronds redennek and sea-weeds and little shells and creggyns creeping. iridescent spiraling shimmers - shimmering of the perriwinkles. Strawberry Red Anemones eating sea-meat and little Gorgons, the tiny creatures at play within, glassy bubbles trailing upwards – bursting silently - darting fishes in miniature , unfamiliar limpets. All this drew me, this little world, with its dizzying beauty, its mysterious story..... possessing ..
Lunar kommolek. darkness ensuing. sesquipedelian vanishing act.
Strangely, unbelievably, I was not to set eyes on him for an entire year. Our paths were to part, but not forever. * * * * * * * * * * *
events extricate my transyek shore of gorhan croggans, blewek brenniganns, glothach smugairles and slinking sea-serpents, I did what I could and I could, did and couldn’t.
A few scraps of papyrus perhaps rumbling hard earthenware tablets, cultural souvenirs, as well as the papers I’d gathered from the glittering, The shimmering sands of the moonlit cove. The previous year gone. starting to consider the case . the juddering case. quite suddenly, ,, the mist-shrouded
one appearing... cool and laconic, a sceptic question - his own existence an inexhaustible joke. We like jokes. Think he said he antennaed to emanate more gems of visionary gift and multi-faceted eyes agaze. The city of simmering history unfurled fernlike on tapestries of spider-web shimmer. Roads and rails traversed. Dream-slips and ships weighed anchor and wash adrift on sleepy silver rails. Cycling of times revealed cleared and cleaned- new!. Pure fresk universal Time presented as a gift for the One, for the All. All for you.
And now again he’s departed, Sailing for a land beyond the reach of hands; now the channel is bright and crystaline. The signal strongly beamed and held. He seems satisfied with things Strongly speaking of regular encounters with transmissions of culture-nature. Communications assimilated and re-beamed, replete with the Dub Plates, via this and associated channels of communication. Lyres ring and sing mad grasshopper songs, Psyche shines doesn’t she sing rising like sunlight on Eleusis, fragrant flower-petals of consecrated pastel are scattered tumbling and turning again and again to the winds of the West each inscribed with a haiku. look right up close, look, you see riding along on one of those fragrant petals a little blue caterpillar, smiling

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