Monday, October 30, 2017

Thoughts Of A Head

I raise my soul I raise my fist I raise my lips for the gods to kiss      a mortal man I fade and die and melt back conscious to the sky

Stratos Pagioumtzys - O Psaras - The Fisherman

Hingala - here is a recording I came across over 30 years ago - back in 2000 my band Eastern Green used to play an instrumental version of Hingala -

A Life-Changing Album for me when I bought it second hand from a shop in Shepherds Bush Shopping Centre in 1982- a magic moment for me
Τραγούδια Και Χοροί Της Στεριάς 2 - Songs And Dances Of The Greek Mainland
introducing me for the first time to tunes like this:



Μοιρολοι με γυρίσματα * Πετρολούκας Χαλκιάς

Or wander up to Romania and hear a world of amazing music from a magical land

Our laughter rings around the world a turquoise banner bright unfurled our love shines out to people far and near beneath the shiny stars -
Well I guess that just about covers everything - don-t forget to tune back in for the Dub Version - - -

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