Sunday, June 19, 2016

An Gath Vlewek Kledhek

Sometimes it's hard to see your left from your right.  That's where The Caterpillar comes in.  Sometimes it's hard to see your up from your down or your hot from your cold.  That's where The Caterpillar comes in.  If it's getting hard to see your fixed from your spontaneous, your ridge from your flow, your anvil from your feather, you obviously need to spend more time reading The Caterpillar.  World got you mixed up, screwed down, strung up, held back, kept in, turned down, turned off, turned sour, down on ya luck, down on ya dough, sour, sick, busted, down-hearted, heavy hollow and mistrusted?  Buddy, get yaself a Caterpillar quick!  World got ya licked?  Kicked?  Feeling sick?  Feeling like a whole heap o' dung?  Like ya been flung from a car?  Kicked outta ya favourite bar?  Mashed to pulp, hurled into a sump and dumped by ya favourite girlfriend?  Buddy, ya better set right down, dust yerself off and git ahold of a nice juicy ol' Caterpillar, 'cause Brother, there ain't not'in' else gonna save ya.

a e i o u and sometimes y

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