Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hwevrer Forecast

Scattered Showers of Mysteries will be invading the Earth over the next twenty-four hours.  Brighter intervals should follow throughout most of the Brythonek Triangle as alien-integration occurs.  In other weather/science news, Waves Of Gravitational-Karmic Energy From The Beginning Of Reality have been isolated in a test-tube.  These will be released on Utopia Day.  Stand by for further announcements – keep your machine tuned to this station – we will be bringing you further reports as soon as we have them.  Stream on.


Whai, Whai, Whai - Lord Fly with
 Dan Williams & his Orchestra

Miss Goosey - Lord Power 
and his Calypso Quartet

Hill and Gully Ride - Mandeville Road -
Lord Composer and his Silver Seas Hotel Orchestra

The Uniques - Lessons Of Love

Maintenance - Joseph Clemendore 
(Cobra Man) with Ganny Gabbinson & His Calypso Band

The Naughty Little Flea - Lord Flea and His Calypsonians

John Holt - Stealing

Cui Op.31 Valse No.2

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