Monday, June 29, 2015

Invertebrate Press Caterpillar Dub 75 Visionary Ghetto Tabloid An Gath Vlewek Dasson 75 Hunros Metheven 2015

Subway clusters, bunches of words sprayed on, push-button symbolism.  Zzzdreams mustered, capers cut n dried, tried and tired in time;s tempting sandstone flux’’’;;;;  With cubes, cuniform samizdat grafitti scriff skrit script memorised, printed photostated scanned sealed and swallowed – cubes devoured and hollowed; solid.  -+-+*---+((()**      muletrain winding its way along mountain ledges – drowsy dust of dusk, flies, rolling ridges n peaks, purple dusk;  wandering hooves, jingling bells, whistles, clicks and calls – the klarino wails high and free, sinuous swooping mellow walnut ebony rich dark tones, mountainous archetypal autochthonous;

Κι Αν Έμπλεξες Με Άλλον, Δεν Πειράζει - 
Γεωργακοπούλου Ιωάννα / Τσαουσάκης Πρόδρομος


Πωγωνίσιο 2 Στο κλαρίνο ο Βαγγέλης Χαλιγιάννης

& Pan played on~~~~~

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