Saturday, April 18, 2015

Elias Gillpington 25

Glas yw an ebrenn ha tonnek yw an mor.  Hazy blue – Ebryl yw!  On the cliffs, looking.  White blossom of blackthorn on the land – you’d think it had been snowing.   Ghost-ships in the haze – trapped between sea and sky - floating minde’s cloud! Glittering solar merriel gracing the downvor deeps, sings a bird – the land awakes.  Seal flips to vanish and the forest flourisheth  on the cleeves – a heartvision of quiet glory…. 

Satie - Ogives

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 Fête des belles eaux -  
Olivier Messiaen.

Nature's Way - Spirit

Hope you liked it, Nibs!

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