Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Journal of Elias Gillpington, Part 23. An Gath Vlewek 69, Kevardhu 2014.

What is sweeter than mead? – Intimate conversation.
What is blacker than the raven? – Death.
What is whiter than snow? – Truth.
What is swifter than the wind? – Thought.
What is sharper than the  sword? – Understanding.
What is lighter than a spark? – The mind of a woman between two men.

From the ancient Irish tale, The Wooding of Ailbe.

Bardhonieth . . . . .

Dearbhla Ni Bhroin  - Uirchil a Chreagain.

The stunning beauty and Music of Aran Isle, Ireland.

Entr’ Acte -  Erik Satie, Rene Clair, 1924.

Εχει η νύχτα θάνατο - Γρηγόρης Μπιθικώτσης


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