Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Invertebrate Press presents Morgowles, Smugairle-roin and inexplicable perplexities in old New Lynsmouth.

Morgowles,  Smugairle-roin, Slefren for,  most eldritch and unrelishable creatures that they are – the Medusa or Jellyfish.
New Lynsmouth towne was little expecting a pulsing, slithering, pullulating, gelatinous flotilla of Cnidaria to come wobbling and a-quiverin’ up the slipway and into the shops and houses of the wharf-side district, but that’s what happened.  Stark slick glossy resilient epithelium envelopes of entropy and elegance – the jellies that swarmed in from the sea.  Atavistic remote sinister beautiful rippling umbrellas of glasrudh blubber transparency – comb-jellies and primitive sea-squirts and cucumbers, drifting this way on the tide.  

Kingdom:  Animalia;  Phylum:  Cnidaria;  Class:  Scyphozoa;  Order:   Rhizostomatidae;  Genus:  Rhizostoma;  Species:   Rhizostoma pulmo.   (Macri,  1778)    

The slithering forms of the smuggled ruins of the morgue-owls.    

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