Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Forest Life

Twenty years in the forest –
watching trees grow –
watching trees fall down –
What have I learned from this?
That trees grow up –
That trees fall down.

   *          *          *

Blazing in the sun –
white glare off the grass blasts the eye.
Green light off the sun beams the sea.
Light through leaf and light through green –
The beetle shuffles.
Sing birds your chirpers to the sea’s boiling roar –
Drowning sunbeam’s silent rush through space.

   *          *          *

Chiff-chaff a chatterjack crackle -
Crow scaw a roeking mock in black –
Buzzy bumble a bee go gathering.
Leaf’s banner’s spread and Spring declared.

   *          *          *

Miles Davis - Ornithology

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