Sunday, March 30, 2014

Primordial Gravitational Waves

Waves of Gravity broke black and glassy on the shores of Time.  Time stood unmovable and would not be turned back.  Energy smiled, knowing what was the Matter.  And Spacetime exploded out atoms and all.  And waves of a ripple left traces in Space.  And Time’s echo true sounded back through its path.  Then Origin’s Light/Particle/Wave illumined the many Worlds and Beings saw the Way.  But before the Beginning where was the Origin?  When the first millisecond erupted, where were its roots, its folklore and culture?  What ancestors?  Was it a crack in the SpaceEgg?  Gravity waves bent out in light Primordial?  Or Luminous beams warped by Original Gravity Particles?  Either way, Karma’s Silvery Ripple Glistens Down The Surface Of A Mercurial Chimerical Looking-Glass-     licked by the eye of a many-faceted fly-

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