Friday, January 31, 2014

Caterpillar Dub 58

When a great soul leaves this World, a hush falls like the twighlight and for only a brief moment, the birds pause in their song.  Then, after a deep breath of weary fleshly rejoicing meditation, the voices raise up again in song, rising on high in the clear blue air of the sky.  Singing to Life;  singing for Joy and sheer Endurance;  singing because that’s what people do.  Singing the Spirit Alive.  Singing the breath in and out of the body like a great Pranha-message.  Singing to lift a hundred million hearts, weary, wearing dusty work-clothes, toiling and struggling in their own separate worlds of strife, struggle and frugality, united in Human experience, Human striving.  Raise those voices and kick some hay up into the air.  Join hands in the dance, the good old dance.  Stomp a thousand feet down in the dust.  Clap those myriad hands and raise the dust, raise the dance and sing the songs, the old songs as were sung in times untold.  The Spirit soars aloft on the wings of a million voices.  

Pete Seeger – Which Side Are You On?

Pete Seeger – Little Birdie

Pete Seeger – Joe Hill

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