Monday, September 30, 2013

Bagla Reverb

Same sundifferent splinters- shattering shadow’s realm with photon-haze raking at the day’s rippled perimeter.  Footsteps echo the tinkling of a tiny luteConcealed now, slipped under the overcoat and swallowed in its fold, the song-bird nestling within.  Looking forward in sunny yellowed time we find our footsteps wandering along alleys and wandering byways – bustling quays by the sea.  Winding lanes with cellars and taverns.  A whirling zeibekiko emerges like a Dervish through the echoing teke door and we find in our footsteps we’ve been here before.  These echoing zithers, tinkling finger symbolic zelia and tapping darabukas- yawling karamusas and mellifluous clarinos-  and the guitar, bouzouki and baglamas of the Piraeus-style zeibekiko 9/8 sound- rebetiko’s early chant punctuated and decorated by the ethereal and shimmering baglasurely one of the most mystical and enchanted instruments ever to be given to man by the Gods…  

Rebertiko Movie:

More on Rebetiko from ‘The Caterpillar’:

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