Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Minoan Mosaic Meniscus

These pictures show of the infinite variety of Amazon shells as amazing as Minoan Mosaic Mazes created from coral as Kronos crunches krogens and mists whirl, stirred by summer’s rattling grey breezes – snaking and weaving into the memories of imagery, particle, participle, particular, an atomic weave it is.  The Zephyr cools brows and as the breeze blows, frowzy through flyblown baked clay-image-tablets (cuniform- early Pre-Palatian period) so it sways and cools as it winds from Knossos to Illium, in zig-zag winding Zeibekiko ecstasis.  Rebetis at Elusis dreampt once of a Dublin pub, heard o’ the good grog from nautical meanderings around the watery globular.  The elderflower hid the bower of the ale-door-man as stealthy-like the bowler spun to the aeldermans acre of bookland, clacking the clogs of a Keltik Hypothesis.  There goes old Don Quixote charging madly up windmill hill, shattering beakers of bronze-age booze astride a Trojan horse – slow down!  But the Don charges on.  Cthonic, very early, a fine example.  I’m off for another one says the old ‘n and scatters quick to split.  (“You can get them in this style for ten and six!” whitters twittering hatter.) For, after all, what’s written on these shimmering Amazonian conches is merely the photogravure plates of curious advice from The Caterpillar, nebulous and diffuse though it often is of a summer’s evening as thrush warbles on sweet feathery wings.

The Termites – Love Up, Kiss Up

The Progressions – Fair Deal

Hopeton Lewis – Come Live It Up

John Holt – Ali Baba

Prince Buster – Dreams to Remember

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica

More Music…..

 Aeld Englisc:

It wasn’t a Trojan Horse – it was a Greek Horse

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