Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meitheamh Bolb Macalla

From Aphrodite to Zeus – it’s the paper you can’t refuse – Fast & Bolbos, Bolbic, also papered- it’s The Caterpillar Dub- The Shyre’s first Collage Magazine!  Forget Fleet Street, Forget Le Monde and The New York Times, and make way for a REAL newspaper – The Caterpillar Dub- it’ll change the way you look at news…   No other paper even bothers to report on what’s been going on in the rotting wharfside district of New Lynsmouth.  No other paper gives you the latest bulletins on the goings on of Lazarus Taxon, Elias Gillpington and their friends and associates.  No other journal dares to penetrate the murky maze of alleys and twisting, Minoan back-streets that writhe their way up Kyvounder Hill, overlooking the Old Quarter, where the shadow has started to fall.  What other paper will warn the people of the dread doom creeping towards their slumbering lives??  What other paper will raise the alarm, mobilize the populace and rid the towne of the eldritch peril that broods and leers, biding and abiding, waiting for the day;  the day when- (no time to continue – the shadow approaches – run – save yourselves – RUN)


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