Sunday, March 31, 2013

Echo of the Cuckoo

fluttering cuckoo sparkling, interweaving is rich and rhythm rumbles, pathos melifluous to grab the  monochrome ear -   Return of Charango. 
A shower of birds – a cloud of cuckoos – larks a-muzzy on a summer’s night –
Druidic starlings swirl, nature’s glory –
Nettles, hedgerows, brambles,  under ivy old customs slumber – Saxon, Kelt, Belgae, Dane and Windmill-Hill-Tilters ;  Iberian Megalithic Cultures;  Autochthonous scions of spontaneous consciousness   – under the hill they slumber – under the hedge they linger – numbered no longer amongst the living, still they linger and cling, biding – stirred by starling’s turbulence rippling down through the old air – Souls don’t die-                         


Joni Mitchell – Clouds

Doc Watson – The Cuckoo

Holy Modal Rounders – The Cuckoo

Rambling Jack Elliot and Derrol Adams – The Cuckoo

Big Brother and The Holding Company – The Cuckoo

George Malcolm – The Cuckoo

Clock Shop

Voice of the Cuckoo
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