Monday, September 24, 2012

Gwynngala Gate

Possible Side Effects:  Some people experience side effects when reading this publication.  If this happens to you, please see your vendor of Dublications or contact Chilled Distribution directly.  Symptoms can include:  Glossolalia, Hyperverbalism, mild or acute Logomania, Adjectivus Hyperbolus, Dry Mouth, Excitability, Vertigo, Stag, Dizziness, Torpor & Turpitude. 
Unused copies of this publication should be disposed of safely.  They should be returned to the starting point;  the original one;  the one mind;  the space of previous things;  the point of origin beyond; the luminous fog of aether. &c..
Unread material shall be stashed in the phone-box on the corner, or secreted within the old deserted house down the back-street or buried at the cross-roads at midnight.  * * * *
Street-cars, side-cars, allotments and rugby-pitches- a rainy Saturday afternoon, the radio blaring.  Fragments of lichen and Spanish Moss cling to the trees  - an old movie.  Sunlight on the  pavement on the hill, quiet.  Grass sprouting in the gutter.  Snatches of brass band music being blown about by the wind;  tattered posters flapping on old brick walls,  chimes of an ice-cream van.  Dry warm wind blows the dust in rivulets along the brown and fading street, bleached by summer’s old-time sun.  A thousand summer suns that shone and in shining shone on as one.  Side streets, rugby-cars and rainy allotment pitches on a radio afternoon of blaring Saturday.  Feet clacking down dry dusty streets, past shacks of clucking clarion cockerels, heralds, horns blaring.   Swarming downtowns turned to brick, nostalgic reverie reveals no intrinsically solid stalactites.  

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