Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cloud Not Thy Mind

We are receiving reports that a concatenation of skyanarchists have been attempting to infiltrate, subvert, subsume and obfusticate the serious work of The Invertebrate Press by jamming transmissions of ‘The Caterpillar’ and superimposing their sacred cloud images upon our news bulletins. Such subterfuge sucks big bucks from Bub’s box and cannot, I say can NOT be tolerated. Should you, the aforementioned, find such persons, person or personae imbibing, implicating, ridiculing or otherwise meta-confabulating ‘The Caterpillar’s current communiqu├ęs with suchlike aery jargon and flim-flam you will please not encourage them.

Established in 2008, tried, tested, trusted and true; there is only one ‘Caterpillar’ – accept no substitutes!

Radio Free Penzance:


Check out The Caterpillar in the realm of Truml…

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