Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gasienica Bibula

All the Words ever, all the World’s thoughts, all the lights dancing, synapses twinkling and fizzing; all the People, all the Dreams and all the atoms, chunks and molecules of all the worlds – all these, plus everything else – that’s you, that is. And that is us. Being everything, I laugh at being me. Being me, I laugh at being everything.

All the words I don’t understand are like the People I don’t know. All the languages of the world that I don’t know are like places I haven’t visited – which is most of the World; which is most of Human Speech; which is most of Human ideation and experience. From this miniature island in space, I wave at you as you pass by. Through the haze of Babel, I see the essence of you as being one with the essence of me. That’s my belief, anyway.

So words can help or hinder – sometimes I wish the whole World would take a one-day vow of silence…. Listen to the birds, the sea, the wind, the heartbeat.

The Caterpillar: Just a load of words on a piece of paper. Produced in Cornwall by The Invertebrate Press. Remixed as a Dub version and issued forth into the World; not so much as a randomly projected message in a bottle, more like a letter that is burnt in the chimney, in the hope of reaching Father Christmas. But if you are walking along the beach one day and you find a bottle washed up on the shore, and you open that bottle and find my message, it’ll just say ‘I hope you can be Happy in this World, and I wish you well.’

Salamanda Palaganda

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Syd: The true genius behind Pink Floyd:

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