Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caterpillar Dub 21 Visionary Dagblat

Quivering, shivering, scintillating illusory myriad mirages shimmy in shining icy heat-haze. Mind’s wondrys undulating ululations shake unsullied imagery in imaginary genie cities. Shattering mosaics mimic languid lyric linguistic lipstick tricks, lip-synched in Dub daubs and dabs – cut-ups of Caterpillar poemimages merely milage for slime and silage. Mimeographed wobbles dangle bobbles of chromatic schematics and semantics freeze in their trax. Facts found foolish forgotten feelings flung far following feeble falsity.

A poster for your wall, or your street...

Text Color
Flyers to pass around...

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