Monday, November 15, 2010

The Caterpillar No.20 - Pressure Cave

Porphyry dripping caverns miniaturized at the darling Cornish Cove – caves of hermit crustaceans mesmerized by the gurgling whoosh of the blow-hole, lapping brine licking at aqua-lichenous igneous metamorphic porphyry pyroclasts – lobsters lurk. Waves breaking out at sea –

Dirigible ridgeback hog of eggs, bristle-boar in the mist * stars scattered through an icy sky * twigs cool with moss in the swamp - things unseen by man, nature rattling * dulse boulders surround the kelp cluttered island - black birds of the sea spatter its summit * grass-tufts springy - plants of the land lichen * globular celular mercury * fluttering gelatinous cells - the world glimpsed through a fly's wing.

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