Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Howdy Folks! and welcome to the tumblin' Caterpillar! The blogspot that brings you all the latest desert dust and prairie pods! It's True! Caterpillar flyers are included for you to print, cut and give away, if you enjoy the Visionary Ghetto Tabloid why not spread the word? And don't forget - The Caterpillar is the World's first newspaper to be remixed and reissued in a DUB VERSION! And remember - words are your Friends! It's True! So long, little dudes!

Ye Flyers....

Tumbling Tumbleweed at 78rpm

Ken Parker - It's True!

The Tumble Weed

Sons of the Pioneers - Tumbling Tumbleweed

Ken Curtis

Badlands of Arizona

A soul version...

Roy Rodgers

Sons of the Pioneers - 1955

Clint Eastwood

Elvis Presley

The Lennon Sisters

tumbleweed invasion
Tumbleweed Invasion
Tumbleweed Invasion
Tumbleweed Invasion
Tumbleweed Invasion

see them tumbling down.......

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